The Cross (1 Peter 2:24)

Mark Edwards, March 17, 2013
Part of the Theology? series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

i) The removal of Gods wrath (Propitiation): (Rom 1:18) God’s wrath is just and righteous anger against man’s rebellion and sin. Propitiation (Rom 3:25) is the removal of wrath by the offering of a gift (Gk: Hilasterion) and therefore making possible a personal relationship with God. (See Romans 3:24-25 and 1John 2:2)
ii) Making righteous (Justification): (Rom 3:24) Literally means to declare righteous or acquit and has the sense of a court-room. The righteous demands of God’s justice are met by Christ’s death as He bore the penalty for our sin.
iii) The past has been dealt with. (Forgiveness): ‘‘through His blood the forgiveness of our sins’’ (Eph 1:7)
iv) Set Free (Redemption) The price has been paid to effect our deliverance from slavery to sin. Deliverance from the slavery to sin (Rom 6:14-23), the power of sin (Gal 5;24) and the power of death (1Cor 15:55-57)
v) Reconciliation: not simply the restoration of good relations but the actual driving away of enmity between us and God. (Rom 5:10-11 & 2Cor 5:18-21)
vi) Adoption: We become part of God’s family and can now cry ‘Abba, Father’. We were slaves but now possess full family rights.(Rom 8:15) We can now come home to be with our Father. This is his plan and purpose… “before the creation of the world…. adopted as sons Eph 1:4-5”


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