Spiritual Disciplines

Found so interesting stuff recently on this subject. Not sure how much I or any of us like the thought but what about the fruit. What about Wesley? http://www.onerockinternational.com/john-wesley-rhythm-of-spiritual-life/ or http://christianteens.about.com/od/christianliving/a/What-Are-Spiritual-Disciplines.htm

Family Focus

Excellent three meetings so far as we gather to see what God has for us. What amazing potential there is in each of us. It is time to realise it. We are all involved. All are of value. Lets make sure that we dont miss out on the great future …

Its our space

Well here it is a space for us……………..  

Goods news in Place

Contextual theology argues that all theology, all our thinking about God, is contextual. We must draw on the language and concepts, stories …

A New Look

Welcome to our new look website. Hope you like it. It now has links for social networking and a blog so get writing! …

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