Of all East European countries Romania has probably been influenced the most by four decades of communist dictatorship. Unemployment and inflation is high, production methods hopelessly out of date. Many families have no source of income and live in dreadful conditions. Practical help is needed to bring hope in a hopeless situation.

Since 2000 Dirk and Nicole Weyts and family have lived in Romosel, a mountain village in Transylvania, one of the poorest regions of Romania. An aid organisation has been established and is now financing a number of projects

A number of small projects are also up and running such as setting up small sewing workshops, providing seeds for growing vegetables etc. In that way poor families are enabled to get some income. There are projects to help with the renovating of houses, the buying of horses (necessary for transport of vegetables and wood to local markets) all of which helps to improve the standard of living.

The most important aim however, is to tell people of the love of Jesus and to bring them the good news of the gospel.  The youth are very enthusiastic and hungry for more of the Lord.


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