Small Groups

We believe that being a Christian is a whole life thing. We need the help and support of one another as we do the radical things that Jesus did. We need a sense of community. We want to see groups and individuals growing in their spiritual gifting and relationship with their heavenly Father. A small group is a safe place where, in the context of love and friendship, we encourage people to exercise spiritual gifts. Our goal is it to build a network of small groups to strengthen and encourage one another and also to make links with communities around us and to find ways to make an impact on those not currently in church. A variety of small groups exist for different areas of Telford and surrounding area. Most meet weekly to but are also flexible to allow people time to join other activities within their communities or church. Each has its own flavour and would welcome new members. Please contact Jem Sheen if you would like to participate and we will try to put you in touch with a group that will be just right for you.

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